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The best leaders I know have an ally.  A person that gives them the confidence to do what they know they need to do, supports them in their strengths, and is honest about where they could improve. Having a trusted confidant to tell you the truth, share best practices, and support you in doing the things you know you need to do is an invaluable investment.


In my 20+ years of transforming executives who in turn transform their organizations, I have been fortunate to work side-by-side with extraordinary leaders who care deeply about the welfare of the people they lead, the health of the businesses they steward, and the legacy they will leave behind.


In my role as an executive ally, I stand with leaders committed to doing good work in the world and give them confidence to make tough decisions.  Through our one-on-one work, I first make sure you are clear and focused.  After this is accomplished, we translate this clarity to the executive team.  We then discover a way to make the direction of the company clear to everyone involved, translating vision into action.


Together we navigate vast and deep waters.  What are you afraid of?  What is holding you back?  If you were really honest with yourself, what would you be doing?  What is truly possible? 


My role is to guide every leader I work with to the source of their own power so they can lead with clarity, compassion and conviction.


The vision you see and feel, the vision that keeps you up at night, can be yours.

“I feel the light starting to shine. Breakthroughs are happening. My soul was starved for infusion and the green light to do what comes naturally. Thanks for leading me to me.”  ~CEO

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