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Building a Company to Last for Generations

On the heels of a multimillion dollar loss and a young leader who could not and was not ready to lead, the founders returned to pull the 39 year-old family business back from the cliff. In six months, with my guidance, the company is again thriving and on course to be one of the top three performing companies in their industry in the US.



“The transformation of our company for the better has been nothing short of miraculous. You have been a powerful ally, great business mind and trusting confidant. Thank you.”    J. Adams, CEO


“You came highly recommended to us to be the one to celebrate our 100 years in business. You exceeded our expectations. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us, the history of the company and making everyone feel like you knew all about us. It was a special celebration and you delivered an extraordinary message and experience.”  T. Foje, CEO


Making a Strategic Plan Reality

The plan they paid a lot of money to develop was good, but in two years little had been done to turn the plan into reality. The leaders were too busy and the team was disengaged. Working with the alignment of the CEO first, then the executive team, and finally to focus the entire organization, the company is performing at its highest level ever. The strategic plan was right… it just needed to be executed.



“I never knew how significant it would be to have an ally and someone who was willing to tell the truth in difficult times. Our focus is the best it has ever been and the results are reflecting this. You have made a difference more than words can ever say. Thank you.” 

J. Hurt, CEO



Finding the Signal

The leaders knew that what had been successful in the company up to this point was not going to keep them competitive now. The organization was comfortable in the "way we have always done it," but it was time to find the signal and remove the noise at every level of the company. By identifying the energies and processes that were working against one another, and getting clear about the focus that mattered most, engagement increased, profitability soared and the leaders created a great place to work.



“It is really difficult to realize you might be in the wrong role, in the wrong company at the wrong time. You saw the pain of my journey really quickly and made it easy for me to open up and be honest with you. I found the courage to make the changes I needed to and you empowered me to get to that place. I am forever grateful. You will never know the impact you had on me professionally as well as personally.” 

V. Newell, Regional Sales


“I had no idea the journey I have lived would have a powerful impact on others. You help me see that ‘Asian is the New Cool.’ You are gifted at how you brought the best out in me. I will never forget and I thank you.”  P. Tran, Presenter



Collaboration is the New Competition

The company was siloed in functional areas and unable to meet the demanding needs of the customer. After the loss of three significant clients, the executive team began to remove barriers, allowing people in the company to communicate effectively and make each others lives easier. In the process they began to meet their customers’ needs through a collaborative and consultative approach. Business within their existing client-base expanded as a result of their partnership and collaboration.



“What a difference a year with Melanie makes. We have developed as a team and organization in ways I didn’t believe possible.”

T. Ostblom, Director of IT



“You came to us as a teacher and have become a friend to all of us. You have a special gift, we truly thank you for letting us share in that gift.” 

A. Frederickson, EVP Sales



The Leader Who Makes Everything around Them Better

It is possible to have a healthy bottom line, do business with integrity, and build a culture where the people are engaged and thriving. When a leader in a challenging industry known for unrealistic demands asked me if this was possible, I assured him it was. Over the time we worked together, he would rise to set a new standard in his industry for doing business the right way and building a culture where the employees did great work with high engagement. Along the way, he created a legacy of leading a profitable business and a great place to work.


“I can feel the courage and conviction to be me coming back. Releasing those demons that held me back! The road is long but I am putting one foot in front of the other.”  D. Wilwerding, former CEO


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