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I entered into the transformative work I do with leaders and their organizations through the world of public speaking.  I have been blessed to travel the globe as a speaker and people-building expert, working with organizations across the U.S. and on five different continents.  Whenever I spoke about change, leadership and transformation, a leader would inevitably ask me, “If you were to implement the things you speak about in an organization, how would you go about it?” 


This question did two things:


1) I realized that what we speak from the platform has profound impact and I needed to remember that my words give life. 


2) I asked myself, "Was I lifting people up to a better expression of themselves or was I speaking in a way that felt superficial and not meaningful to the audiences’ current circumstances?" 


Today, my speaking addresses leadership, transformation, and what it takes to make real, deep and lasting change.  It is also designed to motivate and inspire listeners to embrace change and radically shift their ideas and day-to-day performance. 


Speaking is a privilege I don’t take lightly. My commitment is to never do an off the shelf address, but rather develop a presentation that is meaningful and inspiring to the audience in the room.  I blend a down-to-earth style with bottom-line business savvy. My goal is always to ignite people’s passions and unleash their greatness, and every presentation is packed with practical application, unshakable truth, and clarity of purpose.

“Without a doubt, your presentation opened the doors for us a great deal wider in this growing segment of our market.  You went beyond where even I dared hope you would.”  ~Regional Sales Leader  


“I was impressed with the interaction with your audience…a very diverse group.  You spoke from your heart and captivated us with your understanding, wit and humor.  It made all the difference.” ~Meeting Planner 


“Melanie is a light on the stage, full of presence and grace.”  ~Audience member

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