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As a strategist, I serve and support you in making deep and lasting changes. Simply put, I assist you in moving a situation and your organization from where it is to where you would like it to be.


My projects often begin in the midst of significant divergent energy. Time, money and resources are being wasted and the performance of the company is lagging. The desired outcome of the transformation is to converge the energies and get everyone involved and focused on what matters most for the business.


This demands a comprehensive approach, but begins with finding focus and personal commitment from the leader of the organization. When this is clear, the objective shifts to aligning the leadership team and transforming them into a high-functioning collaborative unit. After leadership is aligned, we involve and engage the front line in making changes.


Transformation is not for the weak of heart. False starts are fatal. But if you are ready and willing, it could be some of the most significant and rewarding work you ever engage in as a leader.



“Melanie has one of the most unique approaches to business I have ever experienced. She is a true champion of the people and gets the power of the bottom line. Our company was on the cliff and we not only pulled it from the edge with her leadership, it is thriving and is now one of the top five companies in our industry.”  ~COO & Co-Founder

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